It's Tiny Human Tuesday! Oaklynn is on the blog!

I'm starting a new tradition with the business. I will be blogging on most Tuesdays and it will be called Tiny Human Tuesdays!

On this first Tiny Human Tuesday, I am running a little contest! The first one to comment below and tell me where the reference tiny humans came from will receive $50 off your next session! There may be more than one reference out there but I'm looking for a specific one.
Comment your guesses below! 

And in keeping with the Tiny Human Tuesday here is baby Oaklynn! Is that not the coolest name ever? 
Oaklynn's mom and I have known each other for awhile now. We worked together at Camp Timberlee or better know as the coolest place on earth! Here's a link to check out the camp for your kiddos: Camp Timberlee

We had the best time catching up! And I couldn't have asked for a better baby. Check out that beautiful strawberry blonde hair and those super cute chubby cheeks! 

Thank you all for stopping by!